In the summer of 2008, in a report produced by Goldman Sachs, it has been argued that India could be 40 times bigger by the year 2050. This is primarily because the young population of India has immense potential to lead through their integrated effort as entrepreneur, innovator or skilled managers. However, there is a shortage of well-educated and skilled professionals in India and there is an urgent need to address this issue by providing quality of education to young populations of India to make them prepare for the future potential development of India.

In this contrasting backdrop, a few renowned educationalists, experienced academicians and industry experts took an initiative to undertake a dream project with an avowed mission of providing quality education in management to meet the aspirations of the student community on one hand and meet the expectations of business and industry on the other. Known as MARC School of Business, this institution is located in the prime up-market area of Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore in the neighborhood of IIM Bangalore. Established in 2008, this business school has a core objective to provide quality education and careers to aspirants. Today, MARC School of Business can pride itself as one the most emerging business school in India and recently it was ranked 2nd in new generation B-School Category in India. With a unique course-structure which offers direct industry exposure, MARC school offers company linked MBA program, the first of its own kind in Indian business education. This well-researched program focuses on imparting business education to the students through regular classroom programs and simultaneously exposing them to industry or corporate environment.



At MARC, Company linked MBA program emphasizes quality training as per the industry or company requirements with a practical focus. Program design and delivery is as per industry and company requirements and this differentiates the students apart from the rest. The programs are company linked because students are trained on company specific skills for first two semesters along with MBA courses and are assessed by the company based on their performance as trainees which is followed by placement. In this unique method, the students can choose specialization based on Profile Mapping and interest. They can have interaction with company executives from beginning of the first semester. They are also trained on additional skills required by company. Moreover, the students have on-job assignment to prove their performance. Thus, they have an edge over students of other management institutes. They are usually placed beginning from the 18th or 19th Month of their course duration.

MARC School of Business has 100% placement record since its inception. Its unique program facilitates placement process through a Systematic Profile mapping and analysis. MARC interacts with companies from beginning on taking inputs on skill requirements which helps them assign and offer “Right Training”. Therefore, the companies have an opportunity to “test the students” once they are trained and then they can recruit in accordance to their expectations. The School efforts to train students from Day One and subsequently they are assessed on a regular basis so as to understand the “gap and bridge the same”. The list of companies who visited the institute in the past include major MNCs like AC Nielson, HUL, Biocon, Edelweiss, E&Y, HDFC Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citi Bank and many more. And thus, within less than 5 years of its existence, MARC School of Business has been able to find a distinct position among the emerging B-Schools in India.


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or like us on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter here.


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