An Interaction with Ms. Satyadarshini Sharma, Director – MARC SCHOOL of BUSINESS, Bangalore

MARC SCHOOL of BUSINESS has been ranked 2nd in the New Generation B School Category

It was a day filled with energy at MARC School of Business. “There has to be an event going on here” is what most of the visitors would have thought. We concluded the same but later we realized that “It’s just another day at MARC”. You can feel the energy around yourself as you enter the campus. “It’s not just another B School!”

One can sense the motivation among the students, the faculty members and the staff. “Self motivation is the word here”. Everyone here is young, dynamic, proactive and they know that they have been creating history every day.

The History, which will motivate the generations to come at MARC. Of course, all the hard work that has been put by every member of the Institute, throughout the years since its foundation, has now been yielding results. Be it learning, development, or placement, there’s no one to stop the momentum. After all, MARC School of Business has been ranked  2nd in the new generation B – School category. The stage has now been set for the big leap, and everyone here is contributing towards one big goal in their very own way – To achieve the status of one of the best B Schools in India.

Ms Satyadarshini Sharma, Director – MARC, having a discussion with Faculty Members at the campus.

Soon we got the opportunity to meet Ms Satyadarshini Sharma. Ms Sharma is the Director at MARC SCHOOL of BUSINESS, where her role is many folds in the areas of Marketing, Admissions, Operations, Academics and Placements. Born in Allahabad but been in Bangalore since childhood, Ms Sharma has been a complete Bangalorean. In her words, “Belonging to a place like Bangalore has helped me with good education, confidence and opportunities in professional and personal front.”

This was the first time we were ever interacting with the head of an Institute as young and dynamic as that of her age. We were thrilled to listen to her response when we asked her about how difficult or how easy it may be for her to juggle between her work life and her personal life. As told to us by Ms Sharma, “A woman needs a good support system like parents, helpers and family to take care of some of her responsibilities in her absence. I am not sure how to define work life balance though as I feel each has its own priority. If work life balance is about taking care of one’s guilt then I think it’s not healthy thinking I do spend more than 12 hours at work and that’s been all my professional life and I feel one needs to fully focus in one activity to achieve its results.”

And now it was the time for us to formally commence our interaction with the set of pre-defined questionnaire.

Find the excerpts of the interview below. Happy Reading!

Is MBA an investment of time and/or money? Comment.

“MARC School of Business has constantly been working on the latest and the best methods to deliver Management Education to its Students” – Ms Satyadarshini Sharma, Director – MARC

Ms Sharma: Like any career preparation, an MBA is all about making the right choices that align to one’s goal. This does imply that an investment of time and money has to be made based on the career goals. It is very important that the student is clear about the “statement of purpose” to be able to make best use of the MBA education planned. MARC ensures that a student can be guided to the best career with the lowest investment possible.

What do you feel about the essence of MBA education at present? From an Indian perspective how much relevant it is?

Ms. Sharma: MBA education, as seen by students and institutes is about careers and 100% placements. Jobs are the current need and driving factor for MBA education but we look at this in a more intense and genuine approach. We empower the students with the right skills, confidence and attitude so they are placed by their performance and promising personalities rather than by college connections with companies.

The Number of B-Schools in India has been increasing every year. How do you think MARC School of Business can contribute significantly amongst this increasing number of business schools in India?

Ms. Sharma: MARC School of Business is constantly working on the latest and best methods to deliver management education to students. We want to contribute to the students to appreciate and inculcate ethical and social responsibility along with knowledge and skills. Students get a great exposure from the corporate world in the form of guest lectures, workshops, industry visits, internships and placements.

Please tell us more about the pedagogy followed at MARC School of Business.

Ms. Sharma: MARC School of Business offers Company Linked MBA to the students. This involves collecting student profiles, career counseling and profile mapping in the 1st Semester. The 2nd Semester focuses on the company required training to prepare students for their internships. The 3rd Semester students are in internships and are given a pre-placement offer based on their performance. All students are placed before the start of 4th Semester and take off from their only during exam times. Horizontally across all semesters, MARC School of Business works on the students English Grammar, Business English, Presentation skills, Public Speaking skills, Corporate and Industry exposure culminating into great human beings who carry an understanding of themselves and the world around them.

“As students have their offer letters and they are in jobs before the Fourth Semester, students are not running from pillar to post for jobs ” – Ms. Sharma

Ms. Sharma: As we provide Company Linked MBA, students are introduced to the companies from 1st Semester while their profile mapping is done. In this manner we remove the Unknown from either side, i.e the Companies or students. With training based on discussions with companies followed by their internships we remove this gap at a very early stage of their MBA training. As students have their offer letters and they are in jobs before the Fourth Semester, students are not running from pillar to post for jobs but they are well in it before they even complete their education at MARC.

How does MARC School of Business educates/motivates the student so that they offer spectacular contribution to the corporate world after their placements?

Ms. Sharma: MARC School of Business believes in each student enrolled for the MBA course, with individual attention given to their growth, progress and transformation. We instill confidence, commitment, dedication and conviction each student to succeed in their academics and careers. We also believe that without humility and a good emotional quotient, great achievements don’t matter. We want to have a long lasting influence to their careers to stand out as great performers in their jobs.

What is your view on entrepreneurship? How MARC School of Business promotes entrepreneurship among the students?

Ms. Satyadarshini Sharma addressing the student managers at MARC SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Ms. Sharma: Entrepreneurs heave the economy of a country and create a new breed of people who can think beyond jobs. It is very important that people take up leadership in making and implementing new ideas and taking on larger goals in life. A business school is the best place to incubate entrepreneurs. MARC School of Business has an E-cell to support and help the budding entrepreneurs.

Tell us something about student extracurricular activities at MARC. Why do you consider it so necessary in the overall development of the personality?

Ms. Sharma: Club Activities that involve paper writing, presentations, research, quiz competitions and current affairs. Annual Day that has dance, drama, singing and other competitions. Sports Events in badminton, cricket, caroms, chess etc The extracurricular activities help the students learn event management, exploring talent in many areas of their personality, building confidence, understanding the value of team work etc.  The purpose is to have an holistic grooming and exposure so that they become the great leaders we envisage.

How does MARC differentiates itself from other MBA institutes?

Ms. Sharma: MARC works on high ethical and quality standards to set an example for the students. We provide low cost education delivered at high quality with constant research and understanding of the current industry vibes.

A Quick advice for Today’s professionals.

Ms. Sharma: Today’s professionals are after a quick buck. Dont chase money, gather talent and good will instead, rest will follow.

Connect to Ms. Satyadarshini Sharma on Linkedin here


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook 


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  1. I wish to share which is a bitter truth ; my personal experience & feelings with” MARC ” even today it’s an ” ? ” in my mind ……!!! IN ONE OCCASION I WAS HONORED WITH ” APPRECIATION AWARD ” IN MY HAND & ANOTHER ” TERMINATION LETTER ” IN THE SAME HAND …….. But me accepted both in conscious state of mind …… I KNOW ……. WHAT AM I …….

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