Life at MARC School of Business !

Here, we present a couple of articles written by the students of MARC School of Business, sharing with the reader, their own experience at  MARC School of Business . We are thankful to the students for this literary contribution of their experience from Life at MARC.

Mr Abhijit Mukhopadhyay:

This is a small story of my first step towards success.

It was one of the biggest decisions of my life when I planned to pursue MBA. Finally in the month of February, I cracked my MAT Exam; I started getting a number of calls from various renowned colleges which put me into a state of confusion. Being a fresh graduate I had no idea about good colleges in Bangalore for pursuing MBA. Finally I got a call from MARC school of business, Bangalore; the information about the college intrigued me so much that I instantly set up my mind to be a part of the institution. Finally, in the month of April, I came to Bangalore to become a part of this institution.

The environment I have seen here; the manner in which the staff and the faculties interact  with all the student make me even more proud  to think myself  as a member of such a beautiful family .Not only in the field of academics, but they also taught me about different aspects of management with a very practical approach. The authorities encouraged me to take part in all the cultural and sports activities which helped me discover my own abilities and thereby understanding the practical wisdom of group dynamics and team work.  All these activities helped me polish my communication skills too. The numerous seminars and the lectures given by the guest teachers enriched me with the knowledge of current state of business and economy, the global market, international business etc. This has given me a strong intellectual thrust leading me into a much broader arena of management.

The library is stocked with thousands of books with reference for each subject, the teachers and staffs are available for any need of the students throughout the day. Our college lets me choose between Mysore University and Bharathiar University which are the two leading universities of our country. The excellent campus reflects the atmosphere of gaining wisdom of success. The group discussions and the workshops help us to put forward our ideas in front of everyone thereby giving a momentum to our dreams and aspirations. Talking about the Guest Faculty lectures, which has been a very unique experience at MARC, every guest faculty brings on to the campus various corporate perspective, knowledge and ideas with tremendous individual energy enriching the campus with enough intellectual nutrition. Moreover, regular classroom teachings are based on interactive learning and discussion based knowledge gaining. And this helps me in learning the complex management theories in much easier ways. Shortly, I recall my experience at MARC as a corporate simulation process for student managers. And I have no doubt that this initial experience will help me a lot once I get on to the real corporate world after my MBA.

This is my beloved experience in this exceptional establishment –MARC School of Business, Bangalore.

 Ms Navya Reddy

The Day was not so long back, when I entered MARC School of Business with much of Confusion in Mind but with a heart, full of Dreams.

MARC has “Ctrl Del”(ed) my Confusions and “Ctrl +”(ed) my Dreams. As I’m from a Science background, MARC has helped in bridging my career between Engineering and MBA and guided me to right path of success.

Besides the classroom learning, MARC also imparts to us the lessons that help us in learning from our own Life. In MARC we are already Managers –managing many of the college events which are best examples of learning from life.

Every day in our college is a new lesson for us and that every lesson is always the best memories to be filled in my diary as memorable moments.

It’s not just a college where we are taught, but it’s a platform where we take the opportunity to present the subject which led us to get immersed in it and we get a good grip on the subject.

Mr Ashwin S.V

I am Ashwin. S. V., pursuing my second semester in MARC School of Business .I have successfully completed 6 months of my professional studies in this college.

My first day at MARC was on 18th October, 2012. I started my learning through Business Economics class taken by Mr Sourabh Bajaj, it was about economic planning of India and followed by communication class from Mr Stalin. And as the popular phrase says that first impression is the best impression, it was a wonderful experience on my first day itself. Now while in my second semester, I feel the same because our teaching faculties are providing us with the   best examples and training us for global exposure. MARC has good non-teaching staff as well; they helped me in every issue like education loan, documentation, accommodation etc.

The career counseling which was done by MARC makes a lot of sense to identify my strengths and skills which will help me to achieve my goal it makes the way easy to achieve it. I am sure that, I choose right college to do my M.B.A as well as to enhance my abilities to be a good professional.


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook.


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