Discover the diamond in you

“Discover the Diamond in You” – A Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal

What is the general definition of success?

What is the importance of hard work in life?

How important individual principles and perspective in life are?

What is the role of individual personality in being successful?

Several such questions must have hit the budding minds of the students of MARC School of Business-Bangalore while they were attending a guest lecture by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal on the topic “Discover the diamond in you”. It was one of the Guest Lecture series organized in MARC in the month of March-April. Mr. Bansal is the founder of “Dreams into Reality” and he works towards empowering people to live their dreams. The Guest lecture session took place on 10th of April at MARC campus.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal at MARC School of Business

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal at MARC School of Business

How to define success? What is it that makes difference between being successful as a great person and being successful as an ordinary person? A simple answer to these questions can be put in a simple way: by categorizing the people in two groups: The few great persons in human history characterized by their “meaningful specific being” and millions of the ordinary people who got lost in human history for being “Wandering Generality”. Highlighting this mystical essence of life, Mr. Bansal cited the example of a Diamond as a metaphoric representation of a human being. Every human being is a diamond which is unexplored. Diamond is known for its rare and precious value. However, a diamond doesn’t get its shape and look naturally. It is extracted from the mines and after a long time consuming process of filtering and cutting, the diamond gets its valuable look and shape. Similarly, every human being is like a diamond which has to go through several process of modification before it lights up and gains attention from mankind.

Mr. Bansal reiterated that the essence of these modification steps in human life can be well connected to the quality of a diamond. A precious diamond can be characterized by four factors: Carat (Weight Unit), Cutting, Color and Clarity (4C’s). Each of these 4Cs’ corresponds to 9P’s that define a successful person. Carat is the weighing unit of a diamond and it refers to the depth of a diamond. This is equivalent to 2P’s: Passion and Positive Energy. Both are important, a passionate person with a negative energy can be destructive in nature. Both these factors represent the depth of a person’s degree of excellence or caliber. The cutting factor refers to:  Performance and Perseverance. Cutting of a diamond involves tremendous hard work and metaphorically, an intensity to perform with a sense of perseverance plays a similar role in a person’s life. Color of a diamond reflects the quality of a diamond, similarly, personality and people skills gives visibility to a successful person. Without this, they will become wandering generality and they will get lost in History. However, a brilliant personality with wonderful people skill can help them in getting enough attention from the people or society for their passionate and persistent social contributions. The last C: Clarity is the purity of the Diamond. Mr. Bansal illustrated this factor with 3 P’s: Perspective, Principle and Patriotism. All successful people have a very strong perspective in life; they have a vision and a subsequent mission to accomplish it. Their Goal of life is predefined in tune to their passion unlike the ordinary people who happily contend themselves as being successful by defining the undefined achievement as a goal of their life. Successful people set their target and then they hit it passionately. “Principle” plays a pivotal role in being successful. A sense of ethics and morality is always crucial for being a successful person. A single misconduct due to unethical behavior can take a successful a person to the nadir of failures. Patriotism is more about a sense of accountability towards own country, state or institutions which provides life and resources to a person in his effort to become successful.

During the session, he interacted with the students citing to them numerous examples of success stories that have made footprint in human civilization. Inspiring them to ‘set a targets in life’, he reiterated the profound locution, “Once you take a decision, the entire universe conspires to make it happen”. The session was full of enthusiasm and Mr. Bansal’s eloquent speech was greeted by frequent energetic applause by the students. Concluding to his speech, Mr. Bansal asked the students to set a goal and to work towards it perseveringly as “a person who doesn’t have a goal in life is doomed (destined) to work for a person who has a goal in life”.


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One thought on ““Discover the Diamond in You” – A Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal

  1. Guest lecturer Mr .Bansal talked about very practical things ; it’s “Positive stimulus” implanted within all; During the session chemical reaction in the mind started called Awareness , Consciousness ….. it should continue in every ones mind ….. MENTOR’S JOB IS TO WORK LIKE CATALYST FOR ACCELERATING THIS REACTION TO CONTINUE…… TILL IT REACHES TO ONES ” CONSCIENCE ”

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