Company Linked Training Program at MARC School of Business

MARC School of Business is the only institution in India which offers Company Linked MBA program. This unique business learning program establishes a direct corporate interface to the regular classroom teachings. Under the aegis of this flagship program of MARC, the students are taught industry specific skills with a very practical focus. There has been an ongoing debate about the mismatch between the skills imparted by the education systems and the skills demanded by the market. Company linked MBA program of MARC is intended to fill this gap with a wider corporate exposure to the curriculum.

As a part of this effort, a training program was organized at MARC School of Business campus at Bannerghatta road on 18th of May. Imminent industry experts from various industries around the country conducted the training sessions. The students could attend the session according to their own choice and preference for specialization and industry. A total six different domain of industries were selected for the training program: Banking and finance, FMCG & Retail, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Operations and Media.

Company Linked Training

Company Linked Training: The Guest Facilitators.
L-R: Mr. Manu, Mr. Ram, Mr. PK Das, Mr. Vishwanath, Ms Sarita Pandey, Ms. Satyadarshini Sharma and Mr. G K Balaji.

Mr. GK Balaji conducted the session on banking and finance.  He conducted the session with the theme “A peek into BFSI Segment” and discussed various corporate finance related concepts and their development in Indian context. He highlighted how relevant BFSI(Banking and Financial Services and Insurance) is to GDP, different focus of banking, growth and challenges. He subsequently explained the potential in this industry, job profiles, skills and career opportunities in various roles which are: Financial Accounting, Capital Markets, Commercial Banking, compliance and legal, corporate, credit rating, derivatives, research (equity, commodities, currencies and bonds), global custody and hedge funds.

Mr. Manu conducted the session on potential career opportunities in Retail industry. He enumerated different career paths that can lead to a successful position in the industry. Pointing to the potential markets that remain unexposed in this sector in India, he asserted the need to focus in this particular industry for spectacular growth opportunities. Various functions in this industry are: Planning, Buying, making and selling. He explained the roles of a Retailer, compensation and growth plan in individual career in this industry. He further explained how to cope up while landing in a new job (post-MBA) by understanding the dynamics@workplace, being responsive and maintaining integrity.

The session of Information Technology was conducted by Mr. Ram Powru. In the interactive session, he led the students to navigation through different opportunities, roles and profiles in IT industry. From Client Management to individual personal skills required in this industry, he elaborated the essence of applied behavior to see the bigger picture. Outhouse, in-house outsourcing, BPO, KPO, IT services, Non-IT Companies in IT industries, application maintenance, the importance of certified course in IT Industry etc. are various essential aspect of the IT industry which he highlighted.

Mr. Vishwanath conducted the session on Manufacturing and Operation industry. The basic foundation of this industry is based on several technical aspects which govern the process of procurement, quality control, logistics and purchase management. However, the contributions of various job roles in this industry are important. For example, in a warehouse/factory place, the responsibility of HR department is to get good labors with good acumen and sense of discipline, training, validation of skills etc. and this is why HR is important part.  A marketing manager has to take the onus of doing quality control, managing the lead time, managing the purchase and procurement etc. MBA students can thus, have various roles and opportunities in this industry after completion of the program.

Ms. Sarita Pandey conducted the session on Media industry. Media industry provides lucrative opportunities to creative minded people with good marketing acumen. This industry has several functional domains such as Strategic Planning, Media Planning, Client Servicing, Media Buying, Social Media and Digital Marketing and so on. Each function has different job roles across the industry based on the media. Moreover, this industry is known for its wide spread role in a society around the world and it is one of the most sought industry for ambitious marketing students around the world.

The final session was conducted by Mr. PK Das and it was onpharmaceutical industry. He described the industry in Indian context and introduced the students to a number of pharmaceutical companies in India which can provide ample opportunities to talented students. The session was more of a workshop and through different engaging activities he highlighted how this industry differs from other industries in terms of Marketing & Finance. During the inspiring session, he explained how a right career can be achieved by jumping and catching the opportunities in the right time.

It was quite a busy day at MARC campus as the sessions happened simultaneously throughout the day. A number of students enthusiastically expressed their interest to follow and join their own choice of industry and job role. The essence of this unique “company linked” aspect of management education at MARC was aesthetically palpable at MARC School of Business Campus.

Readers can see the photographs of the event in Google+ album.


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook 


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