“Effective Marketing” – An Informal session by Mr.Rajesh Iyer (Associate Professor) BRADLEY UNIVERSITY


(Authored by Mr.Arshad Rawthar – MBA 1st Semester,2013 batch)

It was an honour to have Mr Rajesh Iyer as a guest lecturer of the event organized on 25th November 2013.Mr Rajesh Iyer is an Associate Professor (Marketing) at Bradley University in South Illinois, U.S.

It was an informal session. The topic of the session wasn’t predefined, it was an open session. All the students assembled in the gallery room. The guest speaker was introduced by Mrs.Satyadarshini Sharma, Chairperson of MARC School of Business.

He gave his valuable insights on Marketing. And then he compared American and Indian culture & scope of different specializations in MBA in the US.

He intimated about two areas in marketing – Branding & Advertisement. Branding in short means ‘Positioning’. He demystified positioning as mind games. Then he explained the characteristics of a brand loyal customer. Brand loyalty encompasses satisfaction with the product, repeated purchase, not engaging in competitor’s offers, and influencing others to buy the products of the brand.

Advertisement is a very important facet, but not necessary for an established brand. To explain this he gave an example of Budweiser Beer. The brand stopped their advertisements for three years, yet the sales did not reduce. But for start ups advertisement is consequential.

The code of conduct in the American universities and corporate is disparate from the Indian universities and corporate, he said. American universities are lenient when it comes to dress code. But he also mentioned that Americans are punctual and they follow low-context culture.

MBA students have good opportunities in the US. Candidates with specialised bachelor’s background are preferred and it is also easy for them to enter the industry.

Finally  the session was concluded by a vote of thanks by Ms.Mini Christy.


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