(Authored by Mr.Alwin Don Sequeira – MBA 2013 Batch)Image

An educating session was held by Mrs.Devangi bhuptani from Avigna financial services, a partner with Bombay Stock Exchange on 26th November 2013 at MARC SCHOOL OF BUSINESS S, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore.The session educated the students the various types of investments available and the inner meaning of investments.

She started with a quote “The current youths are the upcoming future of the country” Mrs. Devangi who has a decade of experience in investment banking, Financial Advisory Services and Financial Training was here to bring awareness and share the knowledge of financial aspects and capital markets.



This question sounds easy but when this difficulty rouse it’s quite difficult to deliberate it. As a student they are not concerned on this query but when it arises they will be mixed up with various product of the mind and it leads to a problem. Very few students know the few types of investment but they are not aware of the outcomes. The different types of investments has different advantages  .As the youths are the future investors her intention was to train and enlighten about the possible ways of investment that the student can start investing even though they don’t have savings to invest. We know the investments can be made on FIXED DEPOSITS, GOLD, REAL ESTATE, MUTUAL FUNDS, BONDS and SHARE MARKETS. Because of the inflation the value of money is tumbling every day. As the inflation rate is 7-8% the interest earned on the deposits will have the same value at end. The money doesn’t gain any additional value and the amount invested on bonds doesn’t earn much income so the expert from BSE advised the youth to invest in capital markets and mutual funds. Mutual funds is also a safe type of investment where there is less returns compared to investing in share markets. Admittedly she also taught the methods of investing to earn profits. Fact is that at present Indians own only 2% of the shares in the whole share market and rest by foreign countries and it is the cause why the currency rate fluctuates when there is an issue in other countries. The objective of the Bombay stock exchange is to achieve at least 20% in the total share market by Indians by 2020. She also explained the importance of financial planning in our life and how the money can be used at different circumstances.

The students were motivated by the session and gained a wide amount of knowledge on the capital markets and equity investing. She also shared some real time experiences and some motivational facts. The valuable three hour session generated the interest in the minds of the students and it was a right time to know the facts about markets and it also instructed the minds and it educated how important the investing and financial planning in practical life.


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