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Company Linked MBA:The Advantage & the Uniqueness

Company Linked MBA program is the flagship academic curriculum of MARC School of Business, Bangalore. This innovative and applied curriculum structure is a brain-child of academicians associated with MARC School of Business and it has been developed as a result of extensive research work done by them. As the name suggests, this program focuses on imparting business education to students while keeping a strong industrial and corporate interface (company linked-) to facilitate practical learning of the theoretical concepts. This is first of its own kind of business curriculum in the arena of Indian management education.

MARC School of Business is an initiative of IIT & IIM alumni. The company linked MBA (shortly CL-MBA) was conceptualized and designed by these study matter experts on the basis of the skill requirement as demanded by market from an prospective employee and skill development from real-time exposure of the industry. CL-MBA emphasizes on quality training as per the Industry requirement, grounded in strong fundamentals and with a practical focus. Program design and delivery are as per industry and company requirements that set the students apart from the rest. The students are trained in student specific skills for first two semesters along with the MBA courses and assessed by the companies. Based on their performance, company will take them as trainees followed by placement. Companies are appreciating this effort as they get ready-to-employ candidates. As the students are trained from first semester itself as per the company recommendations, so they get a fair idea about their career and  company or industry they are going to  work after completion the of the MBA course. The strong network with more than 1200 companies from around the world on various sectors and industries ensure 100% placement of all the admitted students. MARC School of Business, thus, has produced a huge pool of well skilled prospective business management employees for these companies fulfilling their expectations. The course has been well appreciated and well received by these 1200 companies due to satisfactory fulfillment their human resource requirement. The teaching methodology is also in sync with the company recommendation and the methodology encompasses various task based learning methods such as daily news analysis, Case Study sessions, Corporate Lecture series, company visits, emerging business concept analysis and monitoring by experts.

As far as the MBA program is concerned, it is offered in association with University of Mysore   which is the first university in India to be assessed and accredited with a five start status in the year 2000 and re-accredited with an A+ grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). MARC School of Business also offers MBA degree in association with Bharathiar University, which is ranked 2 in India and recognized by UGC, MHRD and Govt. Of India.


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook , Pagalguy and Google+.


Annual Day Celebration at MARC School of Business

One of the most awaited days at MARC campus, the annual day of MARC, UMANG-2013 was celebrated at MARC campus on 1st of June, 2013. The program was planned and organized by the students of MARC. In this occasion, a colorful showcase of various cultural activities was exhibited by the students.

The event was inaugurated with a candle lighting ceremony by Director of MARC Ms. Satyadarshini Sharma, faculty members Ms. Padmashree Palavalli, Mr. Sorabh Bajaj and a host of guests who attended the event. Student of MARC Ms. Lakshmi Shravani commenced the cultural program with a prayer song. Director Ms. Satyadarshini Sharma, in her inaugural speech applauded the collaborative effort by the students in organizing the event. Ms. Leepha Joseph and Mr. Deepankar Roy gracefully hosted the event as anchors.



The melodious devotional song by Lakshmi was followed by uninterrupted exhibitions talents of students of MARC. Ms. Archana Maurya showcased a beautiful dance performance. Ms. Shobori Deb Roy sang a popular Bollywood song very graciously. Another student of MARC, Mr. Abhijit Mukharjee performed a fantastic dance performance creating a huge uproar of applauds among the audience. Mr. Pradeep got the audience engaged to a popular Hindi song with his captivating voice. The best part of the show was a group performance by a group of present and former students of MARC. Their performance was full of fun and it met with a standing ovation from the audience. Another dance performance by Ms. Geny Chweet was a pleasure to the eyes. Mr. Rohith Kakubal’s singing performance received a warm response from the audience. A skit performance by a group of students on the issue of illiteracy and value of education was quite spectacular. The group performance was performed by Mr. Ramanuj Sinha, Ms. Shobori Deb Roy, Sanjay Deg and Mr. Basavraj Gaurav.  Another group dance by Sandy Sri, Kalpesh Gohil and Geny Chweet kept the audience stick to their chairs.

This mind-boggling talent show was followed by prize distribution ceremony. The successful students were awarded for their achievements in different categories. Director of MARC, faculty and the guest attendees awarded the successful students for their successful academic performance. UMANG-2013 again reflected MARC School of Business as a pool of multi-talented individuals. The complete event was planned and organized by a group of students under guidance of MARC faculty and this offers to them the real essence of management education. This special day at MARC will remain in the mind of the participants and students as golden moments and indelible memories of life.



Readers can find more photographs of the event in Facebook and Google+.


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook , Pagalguy and Google+.

Life at MARC School of Business (II)

So, here we take you through another two write-ups on the journey of life at a junction called MARC School of Business. And as you will discover, life at MARC is not only about regular classroom teachings. It is more about a holistically approached way of understanding business education through mutual interaction, discussion, experience sharing, subsequent understanding and imbuing oneself with a better sense of knowledge and wisdom.

Article by Ms. Leepha:

MARC B-School…my life’s awakener…

Every day I wanted to fly with my wings of ambitions, every day I wanted to attain and feel the real sense of my dream ..tring tring…

“Leepha you’re selected for MBA course at Management Academy and Research Centre”….and from that day onwards life has never seemed so interesting to me.

I cherish my every single moment of my induction programme.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”, as quoted by Benjamin Franklin, seems to be more profound to me now, and it is indeed.

This is how MARC helps us like an awakener to enlighten our dreams and move towards our goal to become a successful manager, entrepreneur and also a better human being.

It’s the best place to rediscover yourself and refine your talents. Every day you learn and transform into a better individual. It’s simply a combination of learning and fun.

I believe, it’s my privilege to be a student in MARC. I take complete pride in being a part MARC family.

Thank you.

Article by Mr. Nithil B. A. :


First of all I would like to tell you that I have opted the right kind of college that I had wished studying MBA for, i.e. MARC School of Business. I am saying it very confidently because I’m sure that after I walk out of this college with a MBA degree in my hand, I would start thinking differently from others, which would definitely fetch me with an identity in the corporate world or at the society.

To start with, frankly, initially my experience with this college had demotivated me in terms of my personal behaviour which I have taken in a positive note but at the same time it has motivated me and made me realize what am I actually in this world and where do I stand exactly when compared to others. At the beginning of the course I had put a question to myself, whether I can really go with it or not? But the teaching faculty here made it so simple for me to understand things better and made myself find an answer for my question that, why can’t I do? I can do it. After a few days, I felt very happy when I found the answer myself that I can do it and I will do it. Not only the teaching staff, but also the non-teaching staffs have helped us a lot in what we ask for.

We have students here from both northern and southern parts of India. They are all very friendly, caring and helpful in nature. I really enjoy spending time with them. We will discuss the topics related to academics and at the same time we will discuss about the current affairs that takes place in various sectors. By discussing these topics, we exchange ideas, our perceptions, thoughts etc. with one another.

I was a student of the kind where I used to believe and trust only on academics rather than being practical. Now I have come to know that academic part is only a tiny part of MBA. The larger part is concerned with being practical and connecting the subject to the live world. I was not able to sit and concentrate in a class for more than 45min in the beginning, but when I joined this college I was shocked to see that the classes were held for 2 long hours. For this reason I have bunked many of the classes in my 1st semester. Later, the college made me understand why I should sit for such a long time. They gave me a simple example that when I start working at a company I can’t bunk or give weightless reasons that I can’t work. So they are making us know how will the work life will be in future right now, which is very helpful for us to understand.

To conclude I would say that pursuing MBA in here is a real experience of knowing facts and figures better. The best thing here is the fee part, which is affordable. In spite of keeping the fee structure at an affordable level, the college is really providing a standardized education for the students. It also provides guest lectures and PDP(personality development programs) which helps the students know what is actually happening around the world and help suit our personality according to it. Finally I would say to all of you that I have had a wonderful experience in this college and I hope the journey continues…….


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

Placement Updates @MARC School of Business

Placement Process is an integral part of Business education in India. Conventionally, it is regarded as one important aspect of business education and it plays a pivotal role in corporate arena contributing to a well-sustained future growth in terms of human capital and intellectual impact. It is also one of the major factors which motivates pool of Indian youths to take up business education as a part of their higher studies.

MARC School of Business also emphasizes on placement process as a part of their business education. Although, MARC School of Business believes in Entrepreneurship as a better output of business education, nevertheless, placement factor at MARC School of Business gains equally high significance. “Company linked MBA”, the flagship program of MARC School of Business establishes the industrial and corporate connection from a very initial stage of the curriculum. A student gets direct exposure to a company in the first year of the MBA programs, the student gets an opportunity to work with the company as an intern and on a later stage and he/she can join the companies in the final placement process. Additionally, they can get real-time exposure to the corporate environment. Students are put to internship in 3rd semester and are placed by the beginning of fourth semester of their MBA.

Circumnavigating the point of placement process, MARC started its first batch in 2009 and since then, it has consistently delivered 100% placement for the students of batch 2009 and 2010. The 2011 batch placement process has already begun and it is expected to get over by March, 2013, before the start of their 4th semester. Some major companies which participated in the placement process and recruited students from the previous batches include: Toyota Motors, HSBC Bank, Prime Focus Technologies, NJ group, Centre for Information Technology and Communications, ICFAI group, IIHT, Xplore 360, Mahindra Holidays, Allay Healthcare Private Limited, BG Softech Ltd., Decathlon and many more.

For 2013 batch, Job Offers are already being made from the following companies and the students moving to 4th semester have already joined these companies:

ÿ       Jubilant Retails

ÿ       ICICI Securites

ÿ       Zerodha

ÿ       BG Softech Limited

ÿ       Wipro

ÿ       Indiamart

ÿ       Aayuza

ÿ       XL Dynamics

The average salary offered so far is around 3.5 LPA and it is expected to increase by the end of placement drive for the current batch. The students who have already joined the companies usually attends the classes on Sunday in continuation of the 4th semester curriculum. The essence of business education imparted by MARC School of Business, thus, lies on the solid foundation of theoretical classroom knowledge impeccably blended with a firsthand corporate experience gained from industry exposure. And hence, MARC justifiably prides itself as one of the first (and only) business institution providing such educational benefits in India.


MARC Business School is India’s First & only Business School to offer Company Linked MBA program which works on company/industry recommended skills. Recently, MARC has been ranked 2nd In India (New Generation B-Schools Category)To know more about MARC B School, visit our website or follow us on Facebook  .